Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Post 26- Penny Red Episode One is Live

I finally finished cutting episode 1 of the podcast yesterday and then proceeded to record episode 2.

The podcast's called Penny Red and it covers roleplaying stuff as well as occasionally touching on Victoria. I quickly discovered trying to do it with just me makes for a podcast that is, shall we say " challenging" for those who struggle to get the right amount of sleep. As a result I got my Mother and Father to help me recall some of the early details of my foray into roleplaying. In the process my Mother calls my friends and me stupid and I go after my father for the lack of parental care he showed for his son's mental well-being.

Episode 2 will go live Sunday and it's a delightful interview with Karen Twelves covering everything from wishing Hackmaster out of existence to using your gaming group as a dating pool.

Download it directly get it through itunes.