Saturday, May 26, 2012

Post 40- I Want To Watch The World Burn Because It's Pretty When It's On Fire

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This week Mandy Morbid and Kimberley Kane from "I Hit it with My Axe" as well as Isabelle Lillium (Apocalyptic Kitten) go inside the Roleplayers Studio. We talk about EDS, autism and Rick Santorum.

Date: May 28th 2012
Guests: Mandy Morbid, Kimberley Kane, & Isabelle Lillium
Topics: Autism, EDS, catastrophe dominated ecosystems, Rick Santorum
Time: 01:39:05


  1. This was a really fun episode: I think what made it cool was the discussion between multiple guests - that kinda gave it an energy and interesting range of discussion that you don't really get from just interviewer and interviewee. I'd love to hear you do more podcasts with multiple guests.

  2. Thanks for listening.

    It is nice to have multiple guests in one place for that to and fro.

  3. Came here because of Apocalyptic Kitten, but really loved all of you! Great recording!! Gotta love the DnD discussion!

  4. Thanks.

    We're pleased you enjoyed the episode.