Sunday, July 22, 2012

Post 49- The Lucky Dice Emporium

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This week Shaun Hayworth from Bad. Wrong. Fun. goes inside the Roleplayers Studio we talk about G+ hangouts, shoehorning Shadowrun and annoying immortals.
Date: July 22nd 2012
Guests: Shaun Hayworth
Topics: Shadowrun, Burning Wheel, G+ hangouts
Time: 1:51:01


  1. The mp3 download link is bust

  2. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

    Please contact me with your email address and I shall send a copy of my .pdf to you forthwith in recognition of eagle-eyed exactitude.

  3. that's very kind of you :) email address is:
    alan_darkside at yahoo dot com

    looking forward to hearing the new episode

  4. I may have an answer to the question why it generally seems to be easier for women to play male characters than for men to play females. I think it is essentially the same reason why it is much easier for women to feel comfortable wearing male clothes than for men wearing female clothes. Just think about it.

    In terms of the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir: Woman is the Other in relation to man. While men represent the neutral and are commonly used to designate human beings in general, women are special and are defined by limiting criteria.

    (We already may have come a long way since the time de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" was published, but her findings are still true in many, many regards.)

  5. Firstly, thanks for listening.

    That's a great point which certainly has a ring of truth about it.

    Do you feel that there is a case to be made for the effect of readily accessible tropes relating to the actions and speech of heroic males?

    To be sure I suppose we'd have to go back to Shakespearean times.

  6. Regarding tropes of heroic males: Certainly, because men are (still) the default representatives and examples for all kinds of stuff - especially for everything that has to do with being aspiring, courageous, assertive, ambitious, aggressive, fierce, and cool.

    I probably have to add that the specific game itself can make a big difference. In my long term Das Schwarze Auge group (German rpg) we are one female and three male players but one male and three female characters and nobody even notices let alone has ever made an issue out of it.

    Admittedly, explicit gender equality is one of the few good things about this game (which is an accomplishment of a few of the game's authors and an ongoing issue of complaint and ridicule by more than a few of the game's players).

    In such a case of gender equality that potentially goes way beyond anything currently existent in reality or probably even possible in reality it can actually be a lot of fun for both male and female players to play female characters because you can create and explore characters for whom there are very few examples in fiction or reality - in many cases because of the mere fact that the female gender and sexuality of the character just does not bear that much importance!

  7. Indeed. I wonder, would you consider being a guest on the show?

    Also, would "Es ist kalt eh." be something you could write as a realistic sentence a Germany character might say?

  8. Hi Daniel, I just wonder - did you get the email I sent you (via the Contact form) about one week ago?