Friday, November 4, 2011

Post 22- Final Pre-publication Update

Queen Victoria. Age: 18
Another two months on and, no, it's still not at the publishers. This time though I can hold up my hand and say it's not my fault (sort of).

Robert "Admiral Bob: Broomhall
I'm now just waiting for the plan and elevation views of the buildings in the sample adventure. After a few false starts I finally got a great artist to take on the the job. Caitlin Crawshaw is doing some great work under tyrying (timewise) conditions. Once her pictures go in, there will be a little more formatting (it never ends) and then the indexing. Fortunately Word does it automatically, not brilliantly, but much better than I could unless I was prepared to delay publication until next year some time.

I flirted with the idea of hiring someone to do the indexing but describing the book to them made me realize just how unusual a roleplaying book is. I've looked at them for years so they seem normal to me  but when you try to size them up from an outsiders perspective they're actually a strange combination of fact, fiction, technical and scholarly writing. This makes it impossible to even send a sample of your writing for quoting purposes as there is truly no representative passage you can send out. 

For all those patiently checking back from time to time I present the last drawing sneak peeks. Enjoy, and stand by for publication