Monday, January 30, 2012

Post 25- drivethru/rpgnow

After a bit of down time I'm into promotion for the book "full time". This  just means the time I used to spend writing I now spend answering forum questions and finding outlets for the book in its two forms.

Today I submitted the file to drivethru/rpgnow and have had it approved for addition  to the catalog. You can find it here:

The payment structure is %65 to me %35 to them. If you're reading this, haven't purchased and want to, buying it from me directly is of no advantage to you at all but means I can buy a few extra seconds of dialysis for my sixteen sick adopted children. Well that, or a cup of coffee for me if they've been misbehaving and, you know, spending all my money on that medicine stuff.

Seriously though I don't have sixteen sick orphans, it's seventeen, another one's just been dropped off.

Buy the sweet, life-giving .pdf here...