Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post 94- Big Trouble

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Shaun Hayworth co-hosts Penny Red. We talk reviews written by mosquitoes, when photos are bad, surprise and discomfort.

Date: June 9th 2013
Co-host: Shaun Hayworth
Time: 0:57:45


  1. Couple of things.

    The TSR Conan RPG was not based on D&D. It had it's own system more similar to the Marvel Super Heroes game they later put out.

    Buffy is similar to AFMBE but there differences. Buffy uses the Cinematic Unisystem system (like Angel, Army of Drakness and Ghosts of Albion) AFMBE uses the Classic Unisystem.

    1. Whedon isn't a gamer.
      We had to explain a lot things when we did the Buffy game.

  2. Thanks Tim.

    Frankly I'm amazed my poor memory hasn't elicited a response before now.

  3. Wes Craven did Nightmare on Elm Street.

  4. I'm starting to think the episode should be called "Big Fat Lies".

    I'm going to blame Shaun for that.

  5. LOL. I loved Big Trouble in Little China. One of my favorite movies. My choice for system would be Army of Darkness.